Small Pack Seed Potato Order Form

Please complete the form below and submit your requirements. On receipt of your order we will then contact you to confirm availability and price. All potatoes are offered subject to safe harvest and final certification.

Prices shown are for collection ex our Crediton Store and are packed in 2kg bags unless otherwise stated

If you would like a delivered price, please complete the delivery instructions on the form and we will confirm prices when we contact you. 

 All varieties subject to availability at the time of order.



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Crops Available

Name Price Crop No. of Bags
Accord 3.65 FE
Amour 3.65 MC
Arran Pilot 3.65 FE
Cara 3.65 MC
Charlotte 3.65 SE
Colleen-Organic 4.25 FE
Desiree 3.65 MC
Duke of York 3.65 FE
Estima 3.65 SE
Foremost 3.65 FE
Harmony 3.65 MC
Home Guard 3.65 FE
International Kidney 3.65 FE
Kerrs Pink 3.65 MC
Kestrel 3.65 SE
King Edward 3.65 MC
Lady Christl 3.65 FE
Marfona 3.65 SE
Maris Bard 3.65 FE
Maris Peer 3.65 SE
Maris Piper 3.65 MC
Nadine 3.65 SE
Nicola 3.65 SE
Orla 3.65 MC
Pentland Dell 3.65 MC
Pentland Javelin 3.65 FE
Picasso 3.65 MC
Pink Fir Apple 4.10 MC
Red Duke of York 3.65 FE
Rocket 3.65 FE
Sapro Mira 3.65 MC
Saxon 3.65 SE
Setanta 3.65 MC
Sharpes Express 3.65 FE
Swift 3.65 FE
Wilja 3.65 SE
Winston 3.65 FE