Wildflower Solutions

Planting wild flower areas is becoming ever more popular whether mix with non competitive grasses or sown on their own.

With increasing pressure on local authority and golf course budgets, coupled with demands to reduce emissions generated by repeated maintenance operations and the desire to improve and create habitats, sowing a wildflower mix offers a colourful and economic option.

Small area mixes

A selection of small packs grass/wildflower mixes for planting small area A wide range of species to attract many beneficial insects into the garden. Mixture contains 20% wild flowers and 80% grasses for quick and easy establishment. Providing colour and insect...

Proflora Flower / Grass Mixes

Available in 1kg Packs - enough for an area 125sqm - 200sqm.Fertile grassy areas will swamp wildflowers completely and for this reason wildflower/grass mixes contain especially selected non competitive grasses.  We have a range of mixtures available for a wide variety...