We have a range of environmental mixes which offer an alternative to the Proflora range when a larger wild flower area  is required. A selection of mixes available are shown below.

Many of these mixtures qualify for both the mid & higher tier Countryside Stewardship schemes but please check with the scheme provider before planting. 

Pollen and Nectar with Grass (GS4)

A broad spectrum Buffer Strip mixture that contains a number of grass and legume species which provide an excellent source of nectar for bees and other insects over an extended season.

Attractive extra colour in field margins combined with excellent drought tolerance.

Pack Size: 10kg

Sowing rate: 8kg/acre


BGM4 With Widflowers and Fine Grass (AB8)

A Buffer Strip mixture containing wild flower and fine grass species giving a swathe of colour to the margin and ornamental grasses with attractive seed heads for extra impact.

There are ample tall plants for cover and dense growing species for ground cover and weed suppression.

Pack Size: 20kg

Sowing rate: 6.5kg/acre

Flower Rich Margin Mix (AB8)

This Buffer Strip mixture creates flower-rich grass margins or plots that provide important habitat and foraging sites for invertebrates (including wild pollinators) and birds.

If successful, there will be:

  • An abundant supply of pollen and nectar-rich flowers throughout the summer
  • Pollinating and beneficial insects including bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies using these flowers
  • Farmland birds such as yellowhammers foraging within or on the edges of the margins and plots

Pack Size: 10kg & 20kg

Sowing rate: 6.5kg/acre



Butterfly and Bumblebee Mixture (AB8)

A Nectar Rich Mixture containing a wide range of fine grasses and wild flowers which should attract a wide range of insects & birds

Pack Size: 1kg

Sowing rate: 6.5kg/acre


WF1 (AB1)

WF1 is a competitively priced mixture of legumes and wild flowers suitable for adding into any of the Stewardship grass mixtures.

Add to the standard mixtures when drilling, or sow by hand afterwards along the headlands to produce drifts of wild flowers.

Over the seasons, wild flowers adapted to your local soils and management will appear in fields or headlands managed under Stewardship protocols.

To get a faster environmental and visual impact, wild flowers and legumes can be sown with the grass.

A small amount of wild flower seed can go a long, long way.

Seed Rate 5 to 10kg/ha


Non Cereal - Farmland Wild Bird Mix

This small seed mixture without cereals has been formulated for those who have access to home grown cereals and therefore only require the small seed element of a wild bird seed mixture.

The mixture contains:

45% Linseed
25% Buckwheat
17% Fodder Radish
8% White Millet
5% Phacelia

Pack Size: 10kg

Sowing rate: 8g/acre  Sow late March-end April