Intense colourful flower experiences are the idea behind our Colour Boost Range. The Exciting new range of mixtures have been designed to create enhanced, attractive amenity spaces. Also providing an essential food source and habitat for many species of animals and invertebrates, especially pollinating insects.

The Colour Boost range of mixtures all have a specific use depending on site and required longevity of the sowing.

Sowing a Colour Boost mixture brings many cost savings for the commercial user compared to more traditional bedding schemes.  The mixtures are sown directly onto the final recipient site, requiring little irrigation, fertiliser/chemical application or maintenance throughout the season. This provides a substantial saving over the production, installation and maintenance costs of a traditional bedding scheme.

100% Flower seed mixtures are notoriously difficult to sow when applying at just a few grams per m2. To ensure even sowing and correct application rates we suggest using our Rehofix MK1500 corn skin granule as a carrier – natural, biodegradable, easier, and a lot cheaper than running out of an expensive seed mix half way through the project. There is no set application rate for this, as every end users machine and expertise is different, but we would suggest a ratio of 1 part seed 5 parts Rehofix .

Sowing rate for all Colour Boost mixtures 3-5g/m2.

CB1 - High Impact Annuals

. This 100% flower mixture will provide a dazzling annual display. Quick to establish with a long flowering period from 8 weeks after sowing up until the first frosts.  Designed to create a robust and attractive display in field, garden or public open space.

Pack Size: 1.0kg

CB2 - High Low Grow Annuals

Low-Growing seasonal annuals mixture, designed to create a robust and attractive display in areas where final growing height is of paramount importance. This 100% dwarf flower mixture will provide rich blooms throughout the season, perfect for enhancing any street scene. Quick to establish with a long flowering period from 8 weeks after sowing up until the first frosts. 

Pack Size: 1.0kg

CB3 - High Impact Perennials

Seasonal Perennials mixture containing 100% Flowers, the mixture consists of 90% perennial flower species, and 10% annual species that give colour the first year. The composition of species is wide and ensures a good adaptability to different growing conditions. The colour scheme of the mix changes during the season according to which species are in bloom at the time.

Pack Size: 1.0kg