Meadow Hay Mix

Includes a small percentage of Sweet Vernal grass for sweet smelling hay

  • Good early Spring growth for early grazing if required
  • Potential for high yields of top quality hay
  • High dry matter varieties for fast drying of hay crops
  • Broad range of species for optimum nutrition
  • Good sward density for extended grazing season
  • Can easily be used as a grazing paddock if hay is not required

Sowing Rate 13 to 16 kg/acre
Pack Size 20kg

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Haylage Mix

High percentage of diploids for rapid drying

  • High fibre content for a balanced diet
  • Top yielding varieties for maximum output
  • Will last for 3 to 4 years
  • Easily adapted for aftermath grazing
  • PERSEUS, LOFA and FOJTAN are all Festuloliums that offer outstanding annual yield of dry matter with reduced moisture content. Leaf yield and leaf retention is particulary good as is survival under extreme weather conditions

Sowing Rate 13 to 15 kg/acre
Pack Size 20kg

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