. Combining different species into a mixture can extend the utilisation period, help to attract and hold specific types of game and provide feed and cover where both are required.

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Broadshot Mix - Suitable for AB9

A combination selected to provide feed & cover. This mixture can be left to regenerate for a second year. 

This mixture is suitable for steawardship scheme AB9


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Sundown Mix - Maize Sorghum and Sunflower

A carefully blended mixture of game cover maize and sunflowers that combines the fantastic feeding potential of both species.

This mixture provides full season cover and feed. It is not recommended for marginal areas.

Pack Size: 13kg (1 acre)


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Traditional Game Cover Mix

A traditional mixture of species specially selected for their feed and cover qualities.

This mixture is designed for a full season of cover that will provide holding, feed and cover for all game birds. The sunflowers add an attractive splash of colour. Due to the variance in seed size, broadcast to achieve optimum establishment and ensure that treated seed is covered by harrowing and rolling.

Pack Size 10kg (1 Acre)


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Surefire Kale Blend - Combination of 3 Game Cover Varieties


A combination of three excellent game cover kale varieties, to provide a tall varied canopy

This blend will give superb cover over an extended period and will give second year growth with various bolting times. The flowering kale attracts insects and provides shed seed, all helping to draw both game and song birds.

Sowing Rate 1 to 2.5 kg/acre

Pack Size 1kg

Overdrive - Kale Quinoa Mix

Excellent for holding birds

A superb combination of winter hardy cover provided by the kale and high quality feed provided by the quinoa. 

Pack Size: 2.5kg

Zoom Mixture - Late Cover Rescue Mix

Zoom is a blend of Winfred hybrid brassica and forage rape

This is a very vigorous and quick growing mixture which is ideal for replacing failed crops or patching spring sown crops. Good seedling vigour gives a reliable establishment of a high leaf to stem ratio crop using carefully selected varieties with good disease and bolting resistance.

Late Cover Mix - Ideal for patching

A rapidly establishing and maturing mixture providing winter cover to the height of 2 – 3 feet.

It is often used as a patching crop where spring crops have failed. This mixture will tolerate drought conditions

Pack Size: 5kg (1 Acre)


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Rescue Mix - Fast Growing and Patching

A rapidly establishing and maturing mixture providing cover and potentailly seeds in 16 weeks from sowing.

Excellent as a rescue mixture for parching failed crops or where a later sown crop is required

 Pack Size: 10kg (2 Acres)


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Boost Mix - Late Cover and Rescue Mix

A fast growing, quick to establish, frost hardy crop.

Ideal to sow in late summer or early autumn to provide cover that will last throughout the winter. Excellent as a ‘rescue’ mixture for patching failed crops or when a later sown crop is required.

 Pack Size: 5kg (1.25 Acres)


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