Taller growing brassicas, including rape and kale are still one of the most popular game cover crops used today. They will provide cover for the whole shooting season, pheasants particularly like the combination of a good canopy and bare ground which allows easy movement in a relatively dry environment.

Sowing Date Guide: May – Early July

Sowing Rate Guide –  Drilled 1.0kg/acre, Broadcast 1.5kg/acre


Gruner Angleliter - Tall and Winter Hardy

Grüner Angeliter is proving to be a significant improvement in the game cover sector and has performed extremely well even in difficult growing conditions.

It has a high leaf canopy and a thick strong stem with a branching, umbrella-shaped canopy giving plenty of space for the birds to move about underneath.

Pack Size: 1kg


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Golden Eye - Clubroot Tolerant

Goldeneye is a giant type kale especially bred for the game cover market, selected for the optimum combination of height and leaf production.

It has a leafy top, strong stem, good winter hardiness and good field tolerance of disease, making it the ideal choice for game cover usage. Goldeneye achieved a higher vigour score than Caledonian kale and better club root tolerance in a trial conducted at the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen.

Pack Size: 1kg


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Sovereign - Club Root Tolerant

Sovereign is a high yielding, medium-tall forage kale with good club root tolerance.

 Successfully tested for winter hardiness and keeping ability, it has the potential to maintain good quality production over a longer usage period.

Sovereign does not produce the large thick stems common to giant kales even when planted at lower density, therefore increasing palatability.

Regular monitoring of the crop is still required as action may be needed in the event of heavy attack by flea beetle.

Pack Size 1kg


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Surefire Kale Blend - Combination of 3 Game Cover Varieties


A combination of three excellent game cover kale varieties, to provide a tall varied canopy

This blend will give superb cover over an extended period and will give second year growth with various bolting times. The flowering kale attracts insects and provides shed seed, all helping to draw both game and song birds.

Sowing Rate 1 to 2.5 kg/acre

Pack Size 1kg

Spitfire- Rape / Kale Hybrid

Spitfire is a modern rape created by crossing rape with kale and is a good companion to use with other fast establishing brassicas.

It is a rapid growing brassica that can be used as a rescue or catch crop that will provide good cover for holding, driving and feeding game birds. It is a medium-tall variety with excellent aphid tolerance and rapid establishment to maturity.

Pack Size: 5kg


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Overdrive - Kale Quinoa Mix

Excellent for holding birds

A superb combination of winter hardy cover provided by the kale and high quality feed provided by the quinoa. 

Pack Size: 2.5kg

Hungry Gap - Winter Hardy

Hungry Gap is officially defined as a rape but because of its growth habits is more commonly known as a kale

Hungry Gap is best sown in June or July and because of its exceptional winter hardiness can be fed well into the winter months .

 Pack Size: 5kg


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Forage Rape

Forage Rape is particularly useful in that it can be used as a rescue or catch crop, continuing until the New Year when it flowers and goes to seed.

A well grown crop with adequate spacing between rows will provide good cover for holding, driving and feeding. It is largely unaffected by frost and wet weather.

Pack Size: 10kg or 25kg

Zoom Mixture - Late Cover Rescue Mix

Zoom is a blend of Winfred hybrid brassica and forage rape

This is a very vigorous and quick growing mixture which is ideal for replacing failed crops or patching spring sown crops. Good seedling vigour gives a reliable establishment of a high leaf to stem ratio crop using carefully selected varieties with good disease and bolting resistance.

Texsel Greens

Texsel Greens are a fast growing, shiny leaved brassica developed from Ethiopian mustard.

They are easy to establish and provide frost hardy cover, producing a broken canopy which is great for flushing birds. Their rapid growth is ideal for suppressing weeds and they are often used as a patching crop when spring crops have failed.