Green Globe Turnip

Maincrop Turnips are an attractive source of very palatable and easy to digest fodder. Both cattle & sheep should be introduced gradually to the crop and between grazings should have access to grass or silage. It is also advisable to have hay or straw available, particularly in the case of dairy cows.

Allow stock about 3 weeks to fully adjust to turnips

Certain varieties, such as Green Globe also popular for human consumption

Sowing Date Guide: May – Early August

Sowing Rate Guide – Drilled 1.0kg/acre, Broadcast 1.5kg/acre


Growing Guide

Green Globe

Later maturing than stubble turnips and with higher dry matter, higher yields and better winter hardiness.

They have a growing period of 12 – 15 weeks and provide excellent autumn and early winter feed for sheep and cattle.

Green Globe turnips produce soft, easily eaten, roots that are well anchored into the ground, suitable for grazing by all types of stock. They will provide a very high fresh yield from large bulbs and are utilised between October and January, preferably strip grazed to reduce waste.

Also popular for human consumption

Pack Size 1.0kg

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Massif Turnip

A traditional yellow fleshed turnip that can been sown from May to August. Huge yields from a short growing period and a good alternative to swedes

Pack Size 1.0kg

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