Forage Kale

Kale is a brassica traditionally grown for grazing by livestock in the autumn and winter. It can also be cut and fed to stock ‘in house’ or as an alternative can be ensiled as big bale kaleage. When feeding in the field it is best strip grazed to avoid excessive wastage and ensure both leaf and stem are eaten.

It is advisable to stagger sowing dates to ensure it does not over-mature.

Sowing Date Guide: May – Early July

Sowing Rate Guide –  Drilled 1.0kg/acre, Broadcast 1.5kg/acre

Maris Kestrel - Short and Winter Hardy

Maris Kestrel Kale is suitable for sheep and cattle grazing and has high digestibility and a long utilisation period.

Animals can utilise the entire plant. Ideal late summer/early autumn feed for cattle or sheep but can be fed up until the end of February

  • Outstanding leaf: stem ratio
  • Excellent whole plant D-value
  • Vigorous early growth
  • Long utilisation period

Sowing Rate 12.5 to 15 kg/acre
Pack Size 1 or 5kg

Corsa - Tall, high yielding and winter hardy with good aphid tolerance

Corsa has been shown to maintain a higher leaf percentage and stem quality than other traditional giant kales. Its soft stem, compared with other giant type kales, increases palatability and stock utilisation resulting in the improved performance of both sheep and cattle. it delivers a high volume of high quality forage throughout the season. 

Corsa is more aphid tolerant than most other kales but regular monitoring of the crop is still required as action may be needed in the event of heavy flea beetle.attack

Pack Size: 1kg


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Gruner Angleliter - Tall & Winter Hardy

A very high yielding variety with good winter hardiness and excellent feeding quality with fresh yields 15% higher than Caledonian kale and 10% higher than Bittern in German trials.

Grüner Angeliter has been the mainstay forage variety of kale in New Zealand for many years and since its introduction to the UK has become equally popular over here. It’s high yields makes it ideal for utilisation by dairy, beef cattle and winter feed for sheep.

Regular monitoring of the crop is still required as action may be needed in the event of heavy attack bt flea beetle.

Pack Size: 5kg


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Sovereign - Club Root Tolerant

Sovereign is a high yielding, medium-tall forage kale with good club root tolerance.

In agronomic tests conducted by the SAC in Aberdeen, Sovereign was shown to have good dry matter yields and excellent leaf-to-stem ratio, thereby increasing stock utilisation and animal performance. Successfully tested for winter hardiness and keeping ability, it has the potential to maintain good quality production over a longer usage period.

Sovereign does not produce the large thick stems common to giant kales even when planted at lower density, therefore increasing palatability.

Regular monitoring of the crop is still required as action may be needed in the event of heavy attack by flea beetle.

Pack Size 5kg


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Caledonian - High Yielding, Clubroot Tolerant

Calendonian is a high yielding and clubroot tolerant kale which enables growers to sow on clubroot infected sites

Calendonian high yields makes it especially suited for beef & dairy cattle

Pack Size: 2kg


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Keeper - Leafy for Sheep

Keeper is very winter hardy and exhibits good resistance to lodging. It is a medium/short type, ideal for finishing off lambs and providing high quality winter keep

Pack Size: 1kg


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Hungry Gap - Winter Hardy

Hungry Gap is officially defined as a rape but because of its growth habits is more commonly known as a kale

An old favourite, Hungry Gap is best sown in June or July but can still produce a worthwhile crop if sown well into August.. It has exceptional winter hardiness and is traditionally popular for greens on the dinner plate. .

 Pack Size: 5kg


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Spitfire- Rape / Kale Hybrid

Spitfire is a modern rape created by crossing rape with kale and is a good companion to use with other fast establishing brassicas.

It is a rapid growing brassica that can be used as a rescue or catch crop that will provide good cover for holding, driving and feeding game birds. It is a medium-tall variety with excellent aphid tolerance and rapid establishment to maturity.

Pack Size: 5kg


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