Ryecorn starts to grow at lower soil temperatures than Italian ryegrass so is especially suitable for the earaliest spring bite for dairy cows, ewes and lambs.

Well drained soils that worm up early in the spring are essential. The crop grows away quickly, soon becoming stemmy and unpalatable, therefore start grazing early, before stem formation or waste is excessive. Start cows when rye is 150mm tall and sheep earlier.

Sowing Date Guide: August – October

Sowing Rate Guide – Drilled 60kg/acre, Broadcast 80kg/acre


PROTECTOR is the fastest growing rye variety available, it even grows at low temperatures when other varieties stop growing.

Helps provide protection against soil erosion because of soil coverage and rapid plant development in autumn.

Constantly high uptake of nitrogen during the autumn period. Fertiliser can be applied in early spring but should kept at a moderate level.

Dry matter yield of PROTECTOR is higher than that of other similar varieties (and is similar to hybrid rye) at time of cutting in early May.

PROTECTOR is a useful cover crop option before silage maize.

This makes PROTECTOR a commercially valuable choice.

Harvest tip: Wilt PROTECTOR to a dry matter content of more than 18 % to prevent unwanted effluent.

Pack Size: 25kg


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Humbolt Forage Rye is a UK Bred forage variety producing excellent early spring growth, which can be used for an early turnout for cows or an early graze for sheep.


  • UK proven
  • Good early spring growth
  • Winter hardy
  • Flexible sowing options after cereals or maize
  • Filling the hungry gap period

Pack Size: 25kg


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