Forage Rape

Forage Rape is a fast growing, flexible and very economical, leafy catch crop with a high protein content. It is ideal for all stock classes especially finishing off lambs. Many farmers successfully mix rape in with their grass seed mixes (250 – 500g/acre) to allow grazing while the young grass seedlings continue to establish underneath 

Sowing Date Guide: July – August

Sowing Rate Guide – Drilled 1.0kg/acre, Broadcast 2.0kg/acre

Growing Guide

Emerald - Economic and Fast Growing

Emerald is a very economical & well proven variety producing rapidly establishing, medium to tall leafy plants maturing in 10-12 weeks after sowing.

It is fast growing with average dry matter yields and good general disease resistance. Importantly, it has very good feeding quality, being high in protein and easily digestible, remaining palatable well into the winter. An added benefit is its widely branched root system for improvement of soil structure

Stock should be introduced gradually over a two week period and an area of grassland should be available for animals to return to; water and hay or straw should also be made available.


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Winfred - Leafy Forage in 6 to 8 weeks

  • Semi-dwarf Rape, a cross between Stubble Turnip and Kale producing high protein, leafy forage in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • High seedling vigour gives more reliable establishment than kale
  • High leaf to stem ratio and good disease resistance giving excellent palatability
  • Bolting resistance produces reliable high quality summer grazing
  • Proven palatability in grazing trials
  • Better re-growth potential than other varieties
  • Better Winter hardiness than Stubble Turnips and other rape


Care should be taken when changing an animal’s diet from grass to high protein brassicas (especially in Summer). If you are unfamiliar with the utilisation of these crops, we would ask you to read our guidelines on the subject and these are available on request


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Spitfire- Rape / Kale Hybrid

Spitfire is a modern rape created by crossing rape with kale and is a good companion to use with other fast establishing brassicas.

It is a rapid growing brassica that can be used as a rescue or catch crop that will provide good cover for holding, driving and feeding game birds. It is a medium-tall variety with excellent aphid tolerance and rapid establishment to maturity.

Pack Size: 5kg


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Hungry Gap - Winter Hardy

Hungry Gap is officially defined as a rape but because of its growth habits is more commonly known as a kale

Hungry Gap is best sown in June or July and because of its exceptional winter hardiness can be fed well into the winter months .

 Pack Size: 5kg


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