Stewardship Mixtures

Countryside Stewardship (CSS) provides incentives for land managers to look after their environment. It is open to farmers, woodland owners, foresters & land managers through a competitive application process.

The main priority of Countryside Stewardship is biodiversity and water quality. the scheme will also help to improve: flood management, the historic environment, landscape character, genetic conservation, educational access and climate change adaption & mitigation.

There are 3 levels of Countryside Stewardship:

  1. HIGHER TIER – This for the most environmentally sites & woodlands. This will usually be in places that need complex management such as as habitat restoration, woodland creation or tailored measures for priority species.
  2. MID TIER – Replaces the Entry Level Stewardship and aims to address environmental issues, such as reducing pollution and the habitat for farmland birds & pollinators. Applicants will be encouraged to choose options that would benefit the wider area and not just their holding.
  3. LOWER TIER – This targets grants for improving water quality, hedges, boundaries and woodland management plans.

We can offer a whole range of suitable mixtures for all schemes including:

      • Wild Bird Seed Mixtures
      • Buffer Strip Mixtures
      • Nectar Rich Mixtures
      • Wild Flower Mixtures
      • Legume & Herb Rich Mixtures

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