Game Cover Crops

Whether you run a shoot with a group of friends or run a large commercial shoot Game Cover Crops play an important role in game bird retention. They also contribute positively to the countryside and the overall environment. Game Cover crops will only reach their full potential if they are well managed from the start. 

Our website show a variety of crops that are suited to game cover, for further details please contact us

Game Cover Brassicas

Taller growing brassicas, including rape and kale are still one of the most popular game cover crops used today. They will provide cover for the whole shooting season, pheasants particularly like the combination of a good canopy and bare ground which allows easy...

Game Cover Maize

Maize is very a popular game cover crop. Many of the varieties grown used to be popular for commercial forage which have now been superseded. We have various varieties available from early to late and a blend of both.Pack Size: 50,000 seeds (1 Acre) 

Game Cover Mixtures

. Combining different species into a mixture can extend the utilisation period, help to attract and hold specific types of game and provide feed and cover where both are required.If you have a specific requirement please let us know  A combination selected to provide...

Millet and Sorghum

Sorghum is a semi-tropical, non-cob producing, maize-like plant which will provide cover throughout the shooting season.It thrives best in warm, sunny growing conditions and therefore is suited to the more southerly regions of the UK. Sorghum is a very slow...

Other Game Cover Crops

There are many crops that are well suited to game cover, other varieties available include:SunflowersTriticaleBorageQuinoaPhaceliaBuckwheatMustardFodder RadishLinseedFor further details and advice please contact us.